Thunder Thread Designs was born from a spiritually guided nudge to Lauren Porter to start trying to learn some Native American-inspired craft-work. What started as a small hobby, quickly grew into a passion. More and more, people started requesting custom pieces of beadwork from her, and thus, Thunder Thread Designs came into fruition.

Most pieces are shamanically journeyed on before even a bead is put to thread. By connecting with your guides and ancestors as well as her own, Lauren is shown a design for the desired piece of work (ie. bracelet, necklace, etc.). She then uses a program to draw out the design. Then the design is shown to the client for approval. Once it resonates with the client and they both agree on the design, the beadwork begins.

Each piece is given incense, oil, beeswax and energy to help the person who is receiving it. If you are interested in your own shamanically journeyed beadwork gift, contact Lauren Porter at thunderthreaddesigns@gmail.com.